My last days in AUCMS

Medic is hard.  Nobody gonna tell you its easy.  It is not like an engineer where you can collect all A's in your theoretical years.  Let me tell you what a doctor is.  A doctor is the nurse, the physiotherapist, the pharmacologist, Biochemist engineer, and so on, all chipped in to become a doctor. Yeah people been giving me suggestion on where to go.  Yet it is still painful to leave all of those memories behind.

Though they did give me suggestion, i have made up my mind.  I'm getting out of these IPTS non-sense.  Basically i'm starting back from scratch.  Luckily my SPM result still can be used as long as forever, i will go and find my own way in the government institution. I hope i've made the right decision.

Bapak la....kadang2 geram jugak dgr suggestion.  Sini kate IPTS bagus, sane kate IPTA bagus.  Sorang lagi kate buat medic kat luar bagus.  Apelah choice yang betul agak nye... Ada gak yang kate aku x bagus wat medic agi.  Bile aku nk masuk arkitek kate ko da jauh menyimpang....So setelah aku pikir2 balik, lebih baik aku masuk je IPTA.  Kalo ade rezeki masuk la Medic balik.  Tu pun kalo dpt pointer elok which is 4 flat. pergh.. Mcm impossible je...Ape2 pun try je dlu skoot... Try je dlu... At least ko ade diploma nanti...


  1. skoot..untung la ko ada result spm yg awesome....aku?? setakat 4 A.....i only depends on my matrik result....which is already expired....huh.....ko try ja IPTA...insyaAllah if u get 4 flat ada rezeki masuk la medic balik....tak pun ko amik ja bidang lain yg ko rasa itu adalah diri least result SPM tak kesah pun nak apply apa.....bkn mcm result matrik....apa2 pun aku sokong ko......skrg ko da tak blh dgr ckp depends on urself....gud luck tau weh.....sorry sejak 2 3 hari ni aku busy sikit.....pening dgn umah sewa la.....cari pinjaman la....sorry k.....=)

  2. Wah...1st commenter, TQ siti...jgn down tau... abiskan medic nie... da ade sijil ukm nie senang nak wat master kat dalam...insya-Allah ko jd doctor....Amin~


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